Italy is giving the world honey sommeliers


Kylie Walker

The next time you lick the spoon after drizzling honey on your warm buttered crumpets, take a moment to appreciate that golden wonder. Is it a gentle caramel dollop, or a strong dark coastal honey? Is it a raw honey, made by happy, healthy bees dipping into a particular flower? Or maybe you’ve tapped into one of Australia’s growing honey trends, macadamia honey (we’ll come back to that in a minute).

Tory C

I was Introduced to mead back in my Renny days. It was an instant fascination, or maybe even a love affair with this mythic beverage. So I had to try to make this beverage myself. My first gallon batch was kind of disappointing but I had the bug and with a few mead making mentors I continue on. That was 8 years ago now and still brewing strong. Having a love for mead, honey and writing I decided to combine the three into this web site. Hope you enjoy and feel free to contribute original pieces as this is what will a unique website for all mead lovers.

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