Are low levels of radon in my basement bad for my wine cellar

I Just came across this are article written by Lizzie Munro. Although there is no conclusive studies on the radon issue in a wine cellar Lizzies article has a lot of valid points my by some professional of radon. It’s a great read

First off, it’s important to understand how radon enters your home. As warm air rises and escapes through small openings and other areas of leakage in the house, the overall pressure within the structure is reduced, thereby creating a vacuum. This vacuum is what pulls gaseous radon, a byproduct of the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil, into the basement through minor gaps in the foundation.

Perhaps the most important concern therefore in building a wine cellar, according to Brian Hanson, Coordinator for the National Radon Program Services and Kansas Radon Program Services at Kansas State University, is that there is no way to predict how its construction will affect radon levels throughout the entire home. Though Hanson notes that a small cellar, meant solely for storing wine will likely leave the radon levels unchanged, he cautions that a larger renovation could change the airflow of the house.

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